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Domain Name Management

eTranslate can help you to protect your company’s, brands and trademark in the Internet by assisting you in registering your Global Domain Name as well as Multilingual Domain Name.
We have a dedicated team that specializes in Global and Multilingual Domain Name management. We will analyse and suggest a list of domain names that you may require. eTranslate can assist in Global Domain Name Management and Multilingual Domain Name Management.

Why does your company need to register the International Domain Name? Below are some of the benefits of our Domain Name Management Services and the importance of having Global Domain:

  1. Monitoring your domain name to reduce the risks associated with domain name management. e.g. Cyber squatting and failing to renew important names.
  2. Establish a single point of contact, removing the need to deal with several domain name provider. You will only need to manage a single account rather that multiple account.
  3. Receive professional advice on the steps, procedures and policies for global as well as multilingual domain name registration.
  4. Protection of your company name, brand and trademark on the Internet.
  5. Provide local presence in each country.

Domain Name Analysis – Analyse the availability of the desire domain names. If the desire domain name is taken, we will recommend alternative domain names for consideration. We provide professional advice on the requirements to obtain each of the domain names.

Domain Registration – Some global domain names requires local presence such as .co.jp before you can register the in country domain name. On behalf of your company, eTranslate will help to register the in country domain name. We will help to manage the domain names such as administration and technical assistance.

Transfer Ownership – We will transfer the ownership back to your company once the domain name has been approved.

Consolidated Account and Reporting – Instead of dealing with several accounts and bills, eTranslate will be your single account to reduce administration work. We will provide report on the status of the registration.

On-going Management – eTranslate will keep track of the renewals to ensure you retain your valuable names. We also provide assistance with new registrations, modifications, changes, transfers and other functions related to your domain names.

The registration cost for each language varies. For more information on the costing,


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