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Quality Control

eTranslate always employs a "three point check" review cycle in this translation projects. This ensures accuracy, cultural relevance in the translation while reducing production time and cost.

Our translators are all native speakers and each project is assigned a project manager and a subject matter expert.

For multilingual projects, our process is as follows:


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eTranslate provided the best services we have experience and its staff are very friendly and helpful

  1. Patrick: 10 days ago

    Very happy with your services.

  2. nick: 15 days ago

    Your services provide high quality checking.

  3. Carol: 20 day ago

    Efficiency works!

  4. Zoe: 30 days ago

    Good management!

  5. Selvam: 44 days ago

    Excellent servies of translations.

  6. nick: 5 days ago

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  7. someone: 6 days ago

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  8. nick: 7 days ago

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