Document translation: At eTranslate, we are committed to using AI-powered translation software, enabling us to provide faster and more accurate translations to our clients.

Certified translations: eTranslate has adopted the latest innovation in certified translations by utilizing blockchain technology to create secure and tamper-proof certification records.

Business translations: We use customized translation management systems to offer our clients faster turnaround times and better quality control in their business translations.

Technical translations: eTranslate implements translation memory software and terminology management systems to ensure more consistent and accurate translations in technical documents.

Legal translations: We use machine learning algorithms to assist our human translators in identifying legal concepts and terminology, which is the latest innovation in legal translations that eTranslate has taken up.

Medical translations: eTranslate employs cloud-based translation software that utilizes natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to offer faster and more accurate translations of complex medical terminology.

Financial translations: eTranslate has adopted customized translation management systems that integrate with financial software and databases to offer faster and more accurate translations in financial documents.

Government translations: Our secure cloud-based translation software at eTranslate meets government data security requirements, the latest innovation in government translations.

Video game localization: Our translation agency uses game-specific translation tools and techniques to ensure that your game is playable and enjoyable in different languages and cultures. We offer quality assurance testing and localization engineering services to ensure that your game is ready for launch in multiple languages and platforms.

E-commerce localization: Our translation agency uses data-driven localization strategies and tools to help companies expand into new markets and increase their online sales. We offer e-commerce localization services that include website localization, product description translation, and search engine optimization in multiple languages. We use advanced analytics tools to help you understand your target markets and optimize your e-commerce strategy for maximum impact.

Mobile app localization: Our translation agency uses cloud-based localization platforms and software development kits (SDKs) to help companies scale their mobile apps for global audiences. We offer mobile app localization services that include app store optimization, user interface translation, and in-app content translation in multiple languages. We use advanced SDKs to integrate localization into your app development process and ensure that your app is ready for launch in multiple markets and languages.

Interpreting services: Our translation agency uses remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) to eliminate the need for physical presence and reduce costs. RSI can be conducted through online platforms, enabling remote meetings and conferences.

Video remote interpreting: Our translation agency uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the accuracy